If you're rich, does that make you stupid?

I commute over 50 miles (round trip) on a major interstate every day to get to school. I keep seeing people in very expensive cars, driving fast and doing stupid things. This week I've seen:

-a man in a 2004 Jaguar S type (about $40,000) reading a magazine at 70mph
-a man in a 2003 Ford Taurus SE ($25,000) typing on a laptop in the passenger seat while changing lanes at 75mph
-a man in a 2002 Ford Expedition (about the size of a house and just as expensive) with a newspaper fully open on the steering wheel driving at 75mph.
-a woman in a 2003 Lexus SUV ($40,000+) eating a bowl of soup (with Both hands!!!!) while tailgating me at 80mph.
-a man in a customized 2000 Ford Econoline van (Price: unknown but it's a big van!) typing text messages on his cellphone while swerving between lanes and cutting people off (Did I mention he frequently used his other hand to "gesticulate" to other cars that were honking at him?).

Did these people have to sell their brains to afford their vehicles?

I work in EMS. These are the people that keep us in business. Unfortunately.


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