My mom is the coolest!

She's on a flight from Minnesota to Cleveland when the flight attendants come onto the loudspeaker system asking if there is a doctor or nurse on the plane to press their call button.

My mother is a Nurse Practitioner (CNP) who's had a ton of experience from neonatal intensive care to transport nursing (helicopters) and now is in private practice at a pediatrician's office. She and I trade stories all the time and she loves hearing about my calls. She presses her call button. Of course.

The flight attendant takes her up to first class where she sees a man, about 60, who's pale, sweating and complaining of chest pain. His hands are very cold and his capillary refill on his fingers is about 5-7 seconds. She gets him on O2 and takes his BP. He's at 190/110 with a fast, powerful pulse.

"Have you had high blood pressure in the past?" Mom asks him

He nods

"Have you taken medicine for it?"

"Yes but I stopped a couple months ago."

"Does anyone in your family have heart problems?"

"Yes, both my parents." He starts shaking.

Right now the plane is a cruising altitude somewhere over the midwest. My mom turns to the flight attendant.


20 minutes later they're on the ground in Detroit. One does not argue with mom.



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