I'm Done!

Big sigh of relief!: "Whoooosh!"

I STILL don't know if I or Peaches has won. (Yes, we're THAT close!!!)

I'm ahead of him in the lecture but he's KILLING me in the lab.

Who knows? You ALL will know as soon as I do. I have promised Marc pictures of the victory dinner and I intend to deliver!

I celebrated this evening by spending some time with some friends of Herself. We drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of FABULOUS food and had a wonderful time. At one point, the husband, The Sandalmaker, asked me a lot of questions about my school and what I do. He asked me in a tone that led me to believe that he thought I was doing something pretty cool.

Mind you, I think the Sandalmaker is a pure and true Jedi and I admire him beyond the scope of words.

He thinks that knowledge of science and the ability to NOT puke in the presence of sick people is cool.

I am honored.

Is that humility or just a lack of self-esteem?

"The path that can be told is not the true path."
-Lao Tsu (who TOTALLY would have been a Jedi, given the chance)


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