Blog every day!

I've heard from a couple readers who are griping about my posting schedule. Thank you. I'm still delighted that I'm being read. (I reached 3K hits today! w00t!) I've decided to post an entry every day.

Now, those of you who've read my drivel for a while know that I don't like writing drivel. I strive to post only that which is a good read or, at least vaguely interesting. Here's the challenge: Since I'm going to post every day I've got to find the interesting anecdote, event or thought to post. I suppose some days will be considerably shorter than other but we'll see. I'll do my best to keep my posts related to EMS and Paramedic school. I'll try not to wander too far into "the weeds."

I can't claim inconvenience since I use a really cool program to write my blog on my Powerbook laptop and it posts directly to Blogger. I can't claim lack of connectivity since I have wireless access at home and school and Macjournal enables me to write them when I want and post them when I can.

There you have it. Jason, Psychwolf, Clarke and the rest of my adored readers will at least have some new material on a regular basis. Thank you for your comments. All of you, please feel free to email me or leave a comment with the link below.



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