Booze, trucks and mobile phones.

This guy is pinned in his work van. The dashboard and engine compartment have folded over him like a clam and pinned his legs. The van says something about Suchandsuch Plumbing. It's 2:30 am on a Saturday morning and I 'm getting a buzz from smelling his breath.

Bean is trying to put a collar on his neck. He's alternating between trying to hit her and give her the finger. His truck is against the side wall of a bridge. Every time he smacks her helmet, she teeters over a 25 -foot drop to another highway.


All the while he's on his mobile phone.

I take the phone from him and talk to the caller.

"Who's this?" the voice asks.

"This is Paramedic [Maddog] from [Somwehere] Fire department. Who are you?"

"Oh, He's my boy. I'm his homey."

"Were you hanging out with him tonight?"



"Oh, we was just chillin' you know?"

"Yeah, I know. Cool. Been drinkin' some?" (I suprise myself at how easily I slip into character)

"Oh, yeah. We wuz fo' sho'! Where he at? I'm'a come pick him up."

"Duuude, if you been' drinkin' as much as him, you bes' stay at home, knowhaimsayin? Else I'll be scoopin' you off the road next. You feel me?"

"Aw Sh**, man. He gwoan be aiiit?"

"We'll do our best. He'll be at [somewheretown] hospital tomorrow, if you need to see him."

"I'll pick him up tonigh!"

"What! nonoNO! You stayin' right THERE, Fool! I'll take care of 'your boy'. You sleep it off before you drive a car, aiit?


"Oh, Aiiiit."


Wow! I think I saved someone's life!


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