Bulldog? Bean? What? Who? Where are you, anyway?

I got this comment from a reader:

"Whatever happened to Bulldog? (or is she now Bean?)"

Well, that's a good question and it illustrates some confusion I have allowed to occur.

I volunteer at my local firehouse as an EMS officer. I mostly drive the ambulance, train new kids and occasionally provide care. In my writing, I refer to this place at the Firehouse with a capital "F". This is where most of my fun "hometown EMS" stories come from.

Bean is one of the volunteers there and I've known her for over 10 years.

My crappy job, at a private ambulance company, was where I worked with Bulldog. I went to a part-time position when I got hired by a nearby University. Bulldog still works there. I just don't see her as much. :(

So, I hope that doesn't create too much confusion. I volunteer at the Firehouse. I occasionally work at the Crappy Job. I work full time at the University (teaching paramedics!) and have applied for a part time paramedic position with a regional emergency response agency that I'll call "The Boonies" if I get the job (It's kinda way out there).

Good enough?

Perhaps sometime I'll post a "cast of characters" for my dear readers.


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