Question for readers: "Go" Bag?

On my way to work today it was raining and heavily at times. I watched a car spin out about 500 yards ahead of me. I slowed, put on my flashers and moved to the shoulder to avoid getting rammed by the cellphone-talking-blackberry-texting-breakfast-eating-makeup-applying idiots behind me.

As I pulled over, I passed another car in the median that was perpendicular to the travel of traffic. It was straddling the ditch in such a way that it could not have driven there. Add the lack of skid marks and the considerable damage to the roof and windshield, it was clearly a roll-over.

Well, out I go. I see a car about 25 yards further up the road. The driver is in the trunk and I see him put on a turnout coat. Cool. I have help.

In the roll-over car, I find a shook up woman with a bloody hand, sore head and neck who's conscious, alert and oriented to person place and time. (shorthand: CAOX3). The firefighter shows up with a bag that's got basic bandages, a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. It's enough for us to get started on checking her out. He also has gloves so I don't get blood on me.

Did I mention that it was raining? Did I mention we were in a ditch? Did I mention that I was dressed for a day at my office at the university (professorial cap and all) not for a day on an ambulance? Boy was I grateful for the waterproof dress shoes I got for Xmas!

There wasn't much we could do other than calm her, get a good history and hold her head to protect her cervical spine. In fact, we didn't have much as far as tools. All I had was my stethoscope that lives on my rear-view mirror.

Here's my question:

What should I have in a "go" bag if I get one?

I don't want to have a massive duffel bag that prepares me for the Armageddon. Most places I go EMS support is not more than 10 minutes away. I'm not thinking I need ALS gear. It would have been nice to provide a C-collar and some better bandaging. I love my station wagon but I don't want to give up all my cargo space for a bag.

Here's what I think:
Pocket mask with one way valve and filter
Adjustable C-collar
Trauma dressings
4X4 and 2X2 gauze
Tape 1, 2 and 3 inch width
An OB kit
Oral airways (basic)
Nasal Airways
BP cuff (adult and pediatric)
Stethoscope (in case mine on the mirror is not available)
Sterile water
Oral Glucose

What else?

I can think of a lot of things like hare traction splints, full intubation kit, ACLS Drugs, a lifepak 12 and more but, my VW Jetta is not an ambulance. I'm thinking that can handle most of the ABC's and life threats. While it would be great to have a mini AED, I don't think it's worth the cost.

Those of you who have bags, Sound off! What do you carry in your car? Hit the comments link or email me and I'll post a summary.


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