January the Second!!!

Um...right. Yeah. Not much going on today as far as EMS. I went to work. I was the only one there. It's kind of creepy being alone in a building on a college campus. There were a few classes down the hall (Today was the first day of the winter session) and a few students came by my office looking for their classroom.

I also got all the deliveries for the entire floor. There are now 6 boxes in my office that are not for me! Whee! The funny part is I won't be in the office tomorrow. Whoever they're for has to get into my locked office and get them. Hee hee.

Tomorrow I go and interview for a regional 911 service. I took their application test a month and a half ago. It consisted of three stations from the national registry test: Dynamic Cardiology, Trauma Assessment and Advanced Airway Managment (Intubation and Combi-tube).

I, of course, Rocked it!

One of the evaluators in the Trauma assessment station said, "Dude, you went right down the list. By the book. I don't think I ever do that myself!"

So, it'll be cool if I get that job. It's a part time gig doing 8, 12 or 24 hour shifts in an area that's a good mix of totally rural (tractor roll over and ATV accidents) and pretty dense urban (gunshots, assault and car accidents.). I flew down there when I was doing my air medicine clincials. I've seen some of the area.

So there you have it! Until tomorrow, "Good night and good luck."


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