Volunteer Meeting

We voted in 4 new members today. I'm pretty happy about that. That means that maybe one of them will still be here and can functionally contribute after a year. That's how the statistics roll.

I was discussing this after the meeting with a few senior members. I said we have to now get another 12 people in to the stations to do ride-alongs because one in three of them will actually apply and one of those four will actually become a long-standing member. I further pointed out that we need to get at least one new, funtioning member a month in order to keep up with the natural attrition due to life changes, retirement, injury, etc.. I, personally, have brought in about 12 ride-alongs in the past 2 years, of which 3 are now members (cleared to ride and run calls) and three more are seriously considering it.

It's all about selling yourself and your firehouse. It doesn't hurt that my firehouse is awesome and filled with a great group of people.

Good times.


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