Monday &&%%*$*%&

Monday finds me sicker than Sunday. I went home early from work, found a warm spot on the couch and proceeded to feel miserable.

Here's my question for you readers:

How do you handle someone who frequently flouts that they're "senior" to you?

If they truly are, then that's not a problem so much. The real rub is when the person is using the time she/he has spent at the station as the only criterion. You are more qualified, better trained and more experienced in every way. This person only has 2 months more time in this particular jurisdiction and 1.5 years more time in this station.

All the time: "I'm senior to you."

It's about to get worse. We both applied to the same EMS Sargent position. All signs point to it being awarded to me.

This is going to be a fun year.


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