Finals, Funerals, Moving and other madness have all conspired to wear me down. I haven't had a full night's sleep since Saturday (my cat is not too keen on his new digs and is sure to let everyone know at midnight, 2am and 4am) and now I have one of those hideous colds with wet coughs, drippy nose and general misery. I believe the British call it a "streaming cold." That's about right. My nose is a waterfall.


I'm hoping to accomplish 2 things next week that will make my blog more interesting:

1. Finalize my transfer to my home station and start pulling shifts there (gotta do this right).
2. Get a job at the private ambulance company and start working with Peaches.

The latter should be pretty interesting because of the people that work there. If you call the main number, the outgoing greeting says, "Thank you for calling XXXXXXXXX ambleeyance company..." I love it! That's a trademark of my state. The word ambulance is always pronounced "Ambleeyance" by the locals (imagine a lot of nasal tone in the pronunciation). There were times when I felt like getting on the radio after being called, "..Communications to Ambleeeyance XXX..." and saying "AMBYEUUULANCE!, Dammmit, ambUlance!!" but I just grind my teeth and laugh bravely.

..is that anything like "newculer vs. nuclear?"

Off to school with me!


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