"Language is a virus..." and, apparently, so is blogging...

I have a really good friend who worked with me the last time I was on active duty in the USCG. He's a reservist like me. He's had a LOT of experience at sea, in the surf and in "the shit" as an active duty Bosun's Mate. He's competent, knowledgeable and I'd go to sea with him any time, any where.

His civilian job is a police officer at a major university. By consequence of the university's location, he's actually a local, fully empowered, municipal police officer who's jurisdiction happens to the the college campus. This saves him from having the horrible "renta-cop" status that many small campus police officers have.

Weekly, he calls me with stories about the crazy things he encounters in his job. I'm a college student and I can't even imagine the crazy stuff he tells me. He also reads my blog. He's one of the very, very few readers who knows who I am. Hell, he knows me better than most people. I owe him my life and, I'm sure, vice-versa.

He's kind of a skinny guy with a big head but, strangely, he has perfect kewpie-doll lips. Women spend a lot of money to get the kind of lips that appear on his sea-worn weather-beaten face. So, Of courese, I shall refer to him as "Lips" from here on.

He's decided to start blogging. I think it's an excellent idea. The only roadblock is that he can't come up with a good name for his blog. I've suggested, "Campus Cop, College Cop" and even "University Uber-cop" but I don't know what's taken out there. He still can't decide on a catchy one and has asked me to help.

"You're the artsy creative one, Maddog. You figure it out!" Lips says to me.

We bicker as if we've been married for 20 years. Yah, we do this all the time.

I appeal to you, my loyal readers (yeah, BOTH of you). Help me out with coming up for a name for my friend's blog. I'll link to his blog from mine and, I assure you, it promises to be great stuff. Lips is counting on you. Use the comments link below or email me with suggestions.


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