I'm looking at some of the other blogs that I read and thinking, "Man, what's up? They haven't written in a while!" Then I realize I haven't written in over a week! EEP! Sorry, all!

I had duty last Friday night with a different crew than I had last Monday. A good bunch. I had 2 calls but nothing too exciting. One was a car accident in a parking lot where the patient did not want to go to the hospital. She was restrained in the low-speed collision and her only complaint was her knee where it hit the door. Ice pack and a promise to call 911 or go to ER if she felt pain anywhere else. Of course, I gave her a full examination, including neck palpation, checking for orientation and vitals. All normal.

The other call was the bass player of a band at a local bar stepped on a piece of glass and produced some rather dramatic bleeding. Fortunately for her there were a few nurses and EMTs at the bar who treated her foot pretty well. By the time we got there she had a really nice dressing made up of cocktail napkins and a table cloth. It was stable with no bleeding through. Her vitals were completely normal, she was alert and oriented and she was joking quite a bit. We loaded her and transported. Her son (about 9, I guess) came along for the ride and he LOVED it. I had him checking her pulse, listening to heart sounds and even pumping the BP cuff. I think he was the most tickled when I asked him to carry my jump bag on my way to the ambulance.

Ok, I'm headed to a summer camp for the day to help out and have fun with a bunch of kids with neural cancer. Herself and I went there last Sunday with a bunch of books and we had a big read-in. There's something really cool about 30 kids in a cabin on a rainy day with their noses stuck in books. Not a single peep, each one of them engrossed. Cool! Today, if the weather permits, I'm taking a gang of them canoeing, kayaking and maybe even swimming.

Woo Hoo!


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