I'm back!

I have returned from the funeral. Uncle John was waked in true Irish style. We drank and told stories until 5am. Ow!

Today I sell my house and buy another one. The "new" house is a wreck. Herself and I will be moving in with my parents until the "new" house is finished with the renovation. Tomorrow we move most of our stuff to storage and the dog, cat and ourselves to my folk's place.

Sunday, I'll be cramming because I take my finals on Monday and Tuesday and then start the 2nd summer session.


Somewhere in there I need to find time to get transferred to my "new" firestation. It seems my chief has agreed to facilitate the transfer and has notified the chief at my hometown station. Yay!

I noticed a lot of you reading (over 100 in the past week). Not much on comments or email, though. Everyone on vacation or am I just hella-boring? Hopefully, things will settle out a bit and I'll have more EMS-related entries. I have applied to a private ambulance company as a part time dispatcher and EMT. They have a very flexible schedule and the office is right near campus. I've pretty much got the job but I have to go through all the HR stuff.

I'm surrounded by boxes and bare floors. My dog has been permanently anxious. Perhaps she thinks we're going to move and leave her behind. Poor pup.


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