Maddog blackout again...

Herself and I are taking the dog and heading to the mountains for the weekend. No internet access there. We'll return Monday night, I'll take my Anatomy and Physiology test on Tuesday and then get on a plane for my Uncle John's funeral in New Hampshire. I'll return on Thursday, sell my house on Friday and move on Saturday. Monday sees me taking my delayed A & P finals and I start the second session on Tuesday.

There's so much going on I can't find time to write but there's so much going on I feel the need to do so even more strongly.

Thanks for the comments and emails of support. Keep 'em coming. I'm finding it more and more difficult to be the supportive solid one for my family. This is the first time my mother has lost a sibling. I have nightmares about my brothers dying so, I can only imagine her anguish. My extended family is extremely close and we'll be descending in a horde on New England next week. It will be wonderful to see all of them but for such a terrible reason.

"....steady on, Maddog. Steady on...."


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